Study Finds eBikers Gain Nearly as much Exercise as Traditional Cyclists

A recent study from Brigham Young University has found that electric bike riders are getting almost as much exercise as their traditional cyclist counterparts. 

Conducted by the Department of Health at BYU, the study focused on comparing electric mountain bikes to traditional mountain bikes. To measure the amount of exercise each rider was getting, the study had the riders use heart rate monitors while going on the same trails. 

The riders were also asked a series of questions before and after the ride about their perceptions of the difference in physical exertion used while riding an electric mountain bike versus a traditional one. 

By the end, the study determined that electric mountain bike riders achieved heart rates that were 94% as high as pedal mountain bikers, on average. Which lead to the conclusion that electric mountain bike riders receive almost as much exercise vs traditional mountain bikers. 

The survey results however found that electric mountain bike riders perception of how much exertion they put in compared to a traditional mountain bike session was actually much lower than in reality.

Our Take

Based on these results I think we can easily say that riding an eBike definitely has its own fitness benefits. There are many ways to workout and considering a 94% similarity between electric and traditional mountain biking, this must put ebikes in that category. 

What I really found fascinating was that most of the riders that took part in the study, didn’t even realize how much of a workout they were really getting. I think it’s safe to assume that they were probably having so much fun riding their ebike that it didn’t really feel like a workout to them even though their heart was racing. 

I think these results are great for those who normally don’t workout and want a fun, more accessible way to mountain bike while also getting exercise. Or even if you already mountain bike, using an electric mountain bike might even enhance your experience. 

You’ll be able to climb more trails, get up to higher speeds more easily, and just be in for a new experience while still getting a good workout in. 

We at Kasen bikes love to hear news like this and hope that more studies come out in the near future to reveal all of the great benefits of riding eBikes.