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Electric Bike Ultimate Guide – How to Buy The Best Electric Bike

What is the Best Electric Bike?

Ebikes and electric bikes are a growing trend in the United States and if you want to get into them you might be wondering which is the best one to have. Well that’s difficult thing to answer because for one, there are just so many. Electric bikes have actually been around for decades and have been popular in other sides of the world for years now.

Secondly, there just plainly isn’t one best eBike because everybody wants something different out of everything they ride. Are you trying to commute to your job everyday or are you trying to ride up and down mountains are some questions you might have to ask yourself before purchasing an ebike. There may not be one perfect eBike but there may be one perfect for you.

Here at Kasen we’ve created this guide to go over some of the best eBikes in the market right now over the many different categories of ebikes there are. This will include folding, cruiser, road, and much more.

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Best Folding Electric Bikes

Many people like the idea of having an eBike for commuting but don’t really like idea of having to leave it outside for long periods of time. Luckily, there is a class of bikes known as folding electric bikes that allow you to store your electric bike in more places than you would a normal bike.

 No lock or locked, all bikes left in public run the risk of getting stolen. Whether it’s the whole bike or just a part, having an eBike is an investment and nobody wants to have something they paid good money for stolen. With folding bikes, you can easily store your bike almost anywhere due to the little space they take up.

Now the only thing to do next is finding the right folding electric bike for you. So without further ado, here are some of the best folding ebike’s out there right now.

QuietKat 750 Bandit Folding Frame Electric Bike


The Quiet Kat 750 is a small folding electric bike with a huge amount of power. With a 750 watt max mid-drive motor, and an unassisted max speed of 19 MPH, this compact bike will get you to where you need to go without having to sacrifice speed for its convenient size.

This bike can hold up to 300 lbs. and sports 2 fat tires for maximum comfortability while riding in most terrain such as sand, gravel, or snow. This bike allows for two drive-modes in throttle control and pedal assistance. The 48 volt battery also allows a range of about 20 miles of unassisted riding.

InMotion 350W P2F Mini Compact Folding Electric Bike


The InMotion 350W P2F Mini is a powerful folding bike that will get you further than almost any bike on this list. With a range of about 50 to 60 miles on throttle alone and a max speed of 19 MPH, this folding ebike outlasts the rest of its competition with its 23 amp rating battery.

Not only is the range on this bike great, but its compact size is everything you want out of a folding ebike to easily store anywhere. This ebike also just looks good. With a nice full black finish and gold accents on a unique folding frame, this is one of our favorite folding ebike looks.

Green Bike 350W GB Carbon Light Folding Electric Bike

green bike usa carbon light folding electric bike

One of the lightest electric bikes you will ever find, the Green Bike 350W GB Carbon stands at a mere 37.5 pounds for easy transportation and of course, it’s foldable. This is perfect for switching between riding and hopping onto a bus or carrying your bike upstairs.

This bike also has pretty decent riding specs carrying two drive modes in a 5-level pedal assist and throttle control. Not just that but a 7 speed Shimano gearing system for comfortable cycling. The battery also charges pretty fast at 36 Volts 10.5 amps per hour, making this a pretty convenient all around ebike.

Olic 500W TMB-26 Tank Mountain Folding Electric Bike

olic folding mountain ebike

The Olic 500W TMB-26 Tank Mountain folding electric bike is the convenience of a folding bike with the size of a regular mountain bike. This bike carries 26 inch fat tires, making it comfortable for taller riders to cycle on all terrain.

This bike is also powerful with its 500 watt motor you can get to speeds of up to 20 MPH easily and a range of 45 to 55 miles, you’ll be able to get to where you want to go with no problem.

Best Cruiser Electric Bikes

Cruiser electric bikes and cruiser bikes in general are designed for very casual riding and comfort. Cruiser frames usually allow riders to sit upright and have a large comfortable seat. The tires of cruiser electric bikes are wider than that of most road and racing bicycles. They’re best ridden on flat surfaces and for casual commuting.

Cruiser electric bikes are a great choice for people looking for a simple vehicle to get to and from places with very little effort. If you like just taking your bike out on a nice scenic route these electric bikes are the perfect match for you.

In this guide, we’re going to check out some of the best cruiser electric bikes out there right now. This will include a wide range of prices, models, and other varieties so you can see all the different types of electric cruisers out there.

Kasen K7 500W

k7-electric-bicycle-ebike-california best cruiser electric bikes

The Kasen K7 is a small cruiser ebike made for easy commuting on flat surfaces. Its small frame and 20 inch fat tires is ideal for shorter riders who want to cruise to their destinations. This bike also features a large elongated seat for possibly another passenger or just extra sitting room. Unfortunately, this seat is not adjustable so be sure to see if this bike is a good fit for you while riding.

This electric bike features a 48 Volt 500 Watt Bafang rear drive motor so you’ll be getting a fairly powerful motor compared to other cruiser bikes especially at this price.

You’re also getting 2 options for accelerating with this bike with its pedal assist and a power throttle for an instant boost whenever needed.

The fat tires of this bike make riding through most terrains fairly easy so you won’t have to worry about not being to ride on snow or wet surfaces. These kind of slow down your overall ride but the pedal assist and throttle more than make up for it.

NAKTO Cargo 250W

nakto best cruiser electric bikes

Nakto is an American ebike company that produces fairly cheap electric bikes for those with a small budget. Despite the low price of this ebike, you are still getting the most bang for your buck among electric bikes.

With its step through frame, this bike makes it easy for riders to hop on and off. This bike also comes with a rear bike rack and a basket in front to easily hold items such as groceries or a small bag.

Just like the K7, the NAKTO Cargo also features 2 drive modes in pedal assist and throttle control. Not only that but also a 6-speed gearbox to adjust for maximum comfort while riding.

The downside of this bike is its weaker 250 Watt motor and its lower top speed of about 18 MPH with its throttle, and 25 mph with pedal assistance. However, if speed isn’t the highest priority on your list than this bike is a nice, affordable, choice for many eBike beginners looking to get into them.

 BPM F45 750W Electric Beach Cruiser


With its decently powerful motor, and classic beach cruiser design, the BPM F45 has everything you can want in a beach cruiser, at a fair price.

With 26-inch fat tires paired with a 750-watt Bafang motor the F45 matches motor power with the most comfortable experience possible on almost any terrain. The bike design features our battery located at mid frame for greater overall weight balance.

Fat tire electric bikes are rising in popularity due to their flexibility. The F45 allows you to tackle rough terrain such as sand, snow, and gravel easily. With the 750-watt motor powered by a 48-volt Samsung battery, reaching higher speeds is no problem for this fat tire bike.

A problem with this bike is we’re not sure who the manufacture is. Although BPM is the importer and we know many of the parts origins, the manufacturer of the bike itself is unknown to us.

Best Cruiser Electric Bikes Review

Cruiser electric bikes are a fun and economic way to get around. They’re comfortable and low maintenance for years of riding with little problems. Try out a few to see what suits you best. One eBike might look exactly the same as another, and have a totally different feel while riding so we suggest looking for free demos whenever possible.

Best electric bikes for long distance touring.

All these eBike categories have been nice so far but we still haven’t really asked one very important question. Which ebike has the longest range? Range is how we define how far an ebike can go on a single charge.

This is really important for those who plan on doing some long-distance touring or just traveling through their eBike. Electric bikes have made touring much more accessible and a lot more fun for those wanting to explore an area, go camping, or travel.

However, your touring experience is going to be hugely dependent on what eBike you decide to take with you. So having said that, let’s get into some of the best electric bikes for long distance touring.

Riese & Müller Delite GT NuVinci HS


A top of the line, electric bike built for comfort and a smooth ride like no other. Full suspension all around, and a belt drive, this bike pulls out all the stops to make your riding experience feel effortless. This bike is ran with a Bosch Performance Line Speed Mid mounted motor at 350 Watts.

The minimum range of this bike is 25 miles and a max of about 100 miles, this bike is perfect for touring long distances. It also comes with two 36 volt 13.4 Amp batteries to go twice as far as other electric bikes. Finally, the top speed of this bike is about 28 MPH and the wattage of the motor does abide by European and US laws in most areas.

Overall, a great long distance ebike however there are some downsides. Obviously, this is one of the most expensive eBikes on the market but you are getting what you pay for with this kind of quality.

One more downside is the sheer weight of the bike at 66 lbs with only one battery connected. This total goes up another 5 with both batteries on so having to carry this bike anywhere is going to be more difficult than most other ebikes.


Stromer ST1x EAPC-1 commuter ebikes

The ST1X EAPC is a fun bike to ride with a huge range for continued riding of up to 90 miles on a single charge. A fairly powerful bike, the motor itself is rated to 800W, but in the EU-spec bike it’s limited to 250W and 25km/h to stay street legal in Europe.

This bike also has cool amount of features. The bike has a Bluetooth chip built in, so it’s possible to pair it with Stromer’s OMNI app. This gives you access to a number of functions. Anti-theft will alert you by text or email if your bike is moved: the bike has a built-in SIM card and GPS sensor so it can keep you updated on its location.

The bike’s brain can also electronically ‘lock’ the motor, so the rear wheel won’t turn if someone hops on it and tries to ride it away. These functions are very handy if you fear your bike getting stolen for any reason.

These alerts are good way to protect your investment because this ebike is kind of a big one. Priced at about $6200 USD this is an expensive bike; however, you would come to expect from its European manufacturers.

Raleigh Centros 2019

The Raleigh Centros is a good all-around bike with an incredible range at a price much lower than its other European counterparts. The Active Line plus motor is just about a noise-free experience and can perform over 1,000 measures per second to help provide the optimum level of assistance throughout your ride.

Best Electric Trikes

Do you like the idea of an electric bike but think it might be a little too difficult to ride? Maintaining balance on an ebike may come easy to some but not everybody wants to worry about possibly falling over for whatever reason. This is where an electric trike fits in perfectly.

Electric trikes are great for those who want worry free balance on an eBike. They are only slightly larger than your typical electric bike and come with extra benefits that two wheelers just don’t have.

For one, electric trikes allow the user to slow down without having to worry about tipping over at low speeds. This gives eTrike users more time to rest between pedaling.

Many electric trikes also have extra space to carry extra cargo or an extra seat for another passenger. This comes pretty handy when you just want to take a trip to the grocery store. Many people will also use the extra storage on electric trikes for work. The cargo is great for transferring small items across an open area.

Some things to watch out for with electric trikes are that they are bulkier than your typical bike. Most ebikes are pretty heavy themselves. Add the extra support to frame, another wheel, and a cargo basket, and you got about 90 pounds of trike.

Be sure to also consider the size of the trike when thinking about storage. Trikes will take up more space than your typical bike or eBike and they can’t be hoisted on many bike racks that fit 2 wheelers.

Having said all this, electric trikes are great vehicles for those who want to get some good exercise in or enjoy the outdoors and fun of riding. All this, and they are much more accessible to those who feel they are too old or out of shape to ride on 2 wheeled bikes.

Here at Kasen, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best electric trikes on the market for 2019.

Worksman Port-O-Trike PTCB LIGHTNING Electric


From Worksman, an American bicycle company that’s been in business for over a hundred years. This electric trike is made from an existing adult trike model (the port o trike) that has been equipped with an ebike kit electric drive system. This company obviously knows how to build a good trike.

Easy to operate with a thumb throttle, going about 10 MPH with a 15 Mile full throttle range, this electric trike is great for easy going cycling to just get outside and have fun.

EW-29 Electric Trike


An adult electric trike made with senior citizens and people with mobility issues in mind, the EW-29 electric trike features a front and back basket for maximum carrying ability as well as a back rest to lean on that you won’t see standard with a lot of electric bikes.

This bike features 3 drive modes in pedal assist, throttle control, or manual peddling; Perfect for a wide range of users who want to test out how much work they want to put into their ride.

Kasen K8 Electric Trike

Kasen’s own electric trike, featuring 3 fat tires and sturdy frame, this eTrike was built for a comfortable ride. The K8 comes equipped with a large cargo area and a basket between the two back wheels. This trike is one of the most powerful on our list featuring a 48V 500 Watt front drive motor and speeds of up to 20 MPH.

Another great thing about this bike is its high range of about 38 miles. If you want an electric trike you can take out for long periods of time and tackle almost any surface, this is the one for you.

Best Cargo Bikes

A popular reason many people don’t want to switch their main mode of transportation from car to electric bikes is by simply asking the question “How would I carry anything?” Well, besides the usual methods of backpacks and baskets, there are actually ebikes built solely for transporting more things in mind.

These bikes are of course called cargo bikes and today we’re going to go over electric cargo bikes specifically. The combination of extra carrying ability matched with the extra power of an electric motor make for hauling more items while riding much easier and open up much more possibilities for bicyclists.

There are even multiple types of cargo bikes for carrying different things so let’s go over a few of them.


Long tails are just like how they sound, they are very similar to any other bicycle but with an extended tail in the back for carrying cargo. Very similar to a tandem bike but instead of another passenger, a space for cargo.


Very similar to Long-Tails but have shorter tails to allow more maneuverability. Unfortunately because it is shorter, you are sacrificing carrying space.


Finally, there are the Bakfiets, which is Dutch for “box bike.” Also known as Long Johns these cargo bikes have a space in front of the rider to keep your cargo and the front wheel in front of this box.

Now that you have an idea of the types of cargo bikes there are, let’s get into some of the best on the market.

The Tern GSD Cargo Bike

tern gsd electric bike ultimate guide

One of the best cargo bikes you’ll find, The Tern GSD won the Gear of the Year Award in 2018 due to its strong carrying capacity matched with its maneuverability versus other cargo bikes. This cargo bike which is not much bigger than any other regular ebike has a 396 pound carrying capacity and a max speed of about 20 MPH, meaning you’re getting extremely powerful bike for its 250 watt Bosch motor.

This eBike also allows you to carry 2 battery packs doubling its range to about 150 miles on a full charge. The real prize of this bike however, is just how many accessories you can fit on it. It’ll add to the total cost of the bike but this ebike is capable of carrying large pannier bags as well as extra passengers to the back tail. A great overall, does everything cargo ebike.

Xtracycle RFA Utility

bike-RFAUtility-ultimate electric bike guide cargo ebike

Xtracycle RFA Utility is a cargo electric bike designed to change with your own needs. The best thing about this bike is its adjustable dropouts which allows the rider to shorten or lengthen the bike tail by 5.5 inches if needed. So in times when you want more carrying space you can adjust the bike longer and when you want more maneuverability, you can shorten it.

Cero One

The Cero One is a small electric cargo bike made to be mobile. This bike features a 26 inch back wheel and  20 inch front wheel which overall, helps the rider balance carrying a large load.

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