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4 Best Electric Bikes for Commuting

As gas prices fluctuate around the country, more and more people are switching from driving their cars to alternative methods of travel. More specifically, riding bicycles! However, not everybody is trying to pedal very far for a long commute every day. Enter in the eBike. Electric bikes are the newest craze when it comes to travel. So for this list, we will look at the best electric bikes for commuting.

EBikes function kind of as an in-between of a bicycle and a moped, as the electric motor assists in your pedaling. eBikes definitely make commuting easier but there are so many to choose from that it may be difficult to know what could be best for you. Each one of these bikes have their own pros and cons so look for what suits you best.

The Best Commuter: The Turbo Vado 6.0

turbo vado 6.0 best commuter ebikes

This is the perfect eBike for bicyclists who plan on traveling far and often within the city day to day. With the Turbo Vado 6.0 you’ll get a bike that runs smooth with little noise or vibrations and a motor drive integrated into it that reads just how much power you put into it and reciprocates that for an eBike that knows exactly how you want it to assist you.

This eBike also has various modes to suit your riding needs with its Eco, Sport, and Turbo modes. Its Eco- Mode being its most energy efficient mode, will get you the furthest on a single charge. Sport mode is kind of the in-between in power between the 3 modes. Sport will give you a strong boost up hills and against wind. In Turbo mode — the bike’s highest level of pedal-assist — the Vado reaches speeds of up to 28 miles per hour and can glide up hills with no problem.

The Vado also sports a custom 604 Wh Battery that is integrated into the frame, lockable, and easily removable for easy charging. This bike can get you about 80 miles on a single charge and for a more accurate depiction of your battery level, comes equipped with 2.2-inch smart computer that lets you view your battery level and toggle various ride metrics such as speed, distance, and time.

One negative about this bike is that it is kind of heavy. Weighing in at about 50 lbs, not only is it inconvenient to move around, but riding without the motor assist at points can be really difficult. Another thing to look out for is the price. At about $5000 dollars, this is one of the more expensive eBikes on the market but if you are looking for high quality, you’re getting one of the best electric bikes for commuting.

A smooth Ride: The Raleigh Redux IE

2019-raleigh-redux-ie-stock-step-thru-best electric bikes for commuting

The Raleigh Redux IE was built for the city commuter. Its sleek design resembles a traditional bicycle but with the power of any other Class 3 eBike. Equipped with a 250-watt Brose Centerdrive system, the Redux is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph and the lithium battery allows riding of up to 80 miles making it great for commuting. The tires on this bike are also slightly wider than you would get out of most commuter bikes, which helps it ride on wet or rocky surfaces.

This bike handles very well and you can trust your brakes for tight situations

A con for this bike is that it does get kind of noisy at times. The 20 tooth chainring here will spin 2.5 times for each crank revolution and that produces a bit of drag if the bike isn’t powered on.

At a price of about $3000 dollars, you’re spending much less than you would the Turbo Vado but is still in that upper range of electric bikes.

the Roadbike: Trek CrossRip+


The Trek CrossRip+ is everything you will want out of a roadbike. With a drop bar, traditional road-riding position, and road-bike-like handling, the CrossRip+ will feel very familiar for more experienced cyclists. Of course, what sets this eBike apart is its smooth Bosch motor that makes climbing up hills and rough terrain a breeze. What sets this eBike apart from the others in this list is that it is tuned more for unpaved roads than you would expect for a commuter bike.

A downfall of the Trek CrossRip+ some found frustrating is that its rear rack doesn’t actually function as one. Meaning, you aren’t really able to carry anything on it itself but does function as a structure for mounting pannier bags.

Bang For Your Buck: Kasen K-5.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike

best electric bikes for commuting kasen k5 in california

The Kasen K5 Fat tire eBike is an affordable more cost effective option for eBikes where you can get the most bang for your buck. At the price of about $1600 dollars you get everything you expect out of an eBike for less money. This bike comes equipped with a Bafang rear drive 500 W motor with a max speed of about 22 MPH, you’re not getting as much power as the other bicycles on this list but you may not have to.

This bike comes with pedal assist and a throttle for help where you need it and fat tires for a smoother ride. You will also enjoy the rear rack that it comes equipped with. The shortcomings of this bike is that it is a Class 2 electric bike so you won’t be going as fast as you would with these Class 3s and the fat tire may not be your thing but otherwise you’re getting high quality bicycle that runs smoothly and great for beginners.

Best Electric Bikes for Commuting Review

And there you go, the best electric bikes for commuting for 2019. When looking for eBikes make sure to look at each bikes’ specs as they all ride different depending on the different parts they use. All these bikes do have their pros and cons so it is important to find out what best fits your riding preferences and how much you are looking to spend.