Easy Cargo Bikes And Accessories Guide

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Cargo bikes are great way to increase your carrying load but almost any bicyclist can increase how much they carry with a few adjustments. If you’re someone who has had trouble carrying items while riding your bike, don’t worry because many of us have been there. Whether its holding a drink in one hand or bags of groceries, riding a bike by itself just doesn’t seem that convenient for transporting other items.

There is hope though, because its actually very easy to turn your bare ebike or bicycle into a cargo carrying vehicle without affecting your ride that much. One of the best parts of owning an eBike is being able to customize it to your needs. Every rider is different so should every bike.

Depending on what you need to carry will decide just what adjustments you’ll make to your ebike to accommodate those needs. Here are some of the basics of cargo with eBikes.

Cycling Backpacks

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

This one probably obvious but also very effective. Backpacks are great for carrying medium and small items without having to occupy your hands. There are even backpacks made specifically for cyclists for max comfortability and use.

Be careful though, too much weight in a backpack can throw off your balance and overall make your trip less pleasant. Backpacks can also cause a sweaty back in hotter conditions so you might have to bring an extra shirt!


Selle Italia Sportourer Eggbag

These bags are designed to attach to the back of your bikes saddle. They are small and don’t really impede on your ride. Great for carrying little items. Be careful though, they are easy to steal if left alone.

Sunlite Rack Top Wire Basket

A classic. The front handlebar basket is an easy to install way to get more out of your bike’s carrying capacity while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Try to get a cover for these to avoid items hopping out on bumpy roads. Be sure to get used to the change in weight affecting your steering and overall balance.

Cargo Bikes Panniers


Panniers are bags designed to sit atop of your bikes rear rack in a set of two to keep the bike balanced. If you don’t have a rack yet and plan on carrying a lot of stuff on your bike, you should probably get one. Panniers are great because they have a large capacity and you can maintain your bikes balance while adding to it.

Be careful as to how much your putting in your panniers because like everything, the extra weight is going to affect how you handle your bike. These bags are also kind of easy to steal and are a little awkward to carry off bike.

Cargo Bike Trailers

Aosom Wanderer

Great for carrying large items or pets and children, trailers are the usual solution when the things you want to carry are simply too big for a bike alone. The downsides to these are they can get expensive and you lose maneuverability in your ride.

Other Options

Feel like your bike isn’t really equipped to carry these accessories? Or do you simply want to carry more? You might want to look at some Electric Cargo Bikes or Electric Trikes for more carrying capacity.

Cargo Electric Bikes

Have you fitted your bike with the accessories above and still wish you could get more on? Then you might want an cargo electric bike. These eBikes were made specifically to carry more stuff on your commute and usually for a longer time.

Cargo bikes usually have longer tail-ends to place a larger rack for either more storage space or room for another passenger. There are also cargo bikes known as “bakfiets” that have a large box shaped area in front of the rider for extra storage.

Cargo eBikes are usually built to customize with a variety of accessories so checkout what kind of attachments you can get before purchasing one as many are very different.

Electric Trikes

Feel weird about balancing all that weight on just two wheels? An electric trike might be for you. Electric trikes are much more stable than regular ebikes and are able to stand straight at low speeds meaning you can stop pedaling without tipping over.

In terms of storage, many electric trikes have a large basket between their two back wheels for convenient cargo carrying. Be sure you have room for an electric however, they are bulkier and take up more space than your typical ebike.


Trying to carry a lot of things on your ebike can be annoying when you’re not really prepared to do so but even something so simple as a basket can drastically make your ride easier. You might not even need another vehicle when you outfit your eBike to its highest potential.

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