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Kasen is an Electric Bike company based in Los Angeles, California. We are passionate about the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of electric bikes & tricycles.

Kasen Electric Bike was established in 2012. We manufacture our products in China, and distribute as well as provide technical support in the United States. Kasen ebikes is passionate about transforming the future of transportation. Electric bikes have proven to be one of the most energy efficient forms of travel and Kasen is proud to be a part of a movement towards clean travel. As the public moves from gas consuming vehicles to electric cars, we make it a point that ebikes and electric bicycles are not only more fuel efficient, but also a more affordable alternative. This makes the change from gas to electric much more accessible to us all.

Over the years we have gained a plethora of experience and have always retained a pioneering spirit. Our goal is to create a product that balances simple & elegant design with comfort, performance, and quality. We offer a wide range of electric bikes and tricycles. We genuinely believe we can build the best products, while also providing excellent service for our customers.


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